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Workshop #3 Holotropic Breathwork (10h)

Are you longing to explore your inner being?
Do you have a wish to develop your intuition and your consciousness?
Would you like to let go of unresolved issues from the past?
Have you experienced difficult traumas in your life and have been searching for a way to heal yourself holistically; psychologically, physically, and spiritually?
Are you currently going through a life crises and seek for deep inner wisdom and insights?

If your answer is ”yes” to one or more of these questions, there is a strong possibility that you could benefit from Holotropic Breathwork. You don’t need any previous experience of Holotropic Breathwork to be able to participate in a workshop. You don’t need to be an educated psychotherapist, psychiatrist, or such either.

What is Holotropic Breathwork?

The word ”holotropic” derives from the Greek words ”holos”=whole and trepein= to move towards which means moving towards wholeness.

Holotropic Breathwork is based on 50 years of extensive research within psychological, psychotherapeutical, and a spiritual framework and has been developed by psychiatrist and psychotherapist Stanislav Grof (MD) and his wife Christina Grof. Stanislav Grof is one of the cofounders of Transpersonal Psychology since 1969 and is one of its foremost theoretics.

Important parts of Holotropic Breathwork is driving music, focused energy release work, sharing circle, and creative mandala drawings. All these parts facilitate for us opening up our own inner potential to reach deep physical, psychological and spiritual healing.

One could say that Holotropic Breathwork in this way creates a bridge between the psyche, the body and the soul and therefore is a holistic way of healing oneself.

Holotropic Breatwork in practice

During a session one lays down on a matrass with closed eyes. Through breathing deeper, more intense, and faster than normal supported by the music, one activates a natural, inner healing process (the inner healer) which is present inside of every person. This facilitates reaching the inner depths of one’s soul where a higher state of consciousness opens up to meditative, mystical experiences which also can provide deep inner healing and develop each person’s inner power and wisdom. In Holotropic Breathwork the main focus is to create a safe space to ensure the possibility for each participant to fully surrender to sensations, emotions, energy movements, visions etc which might come to the surface during a session.

Each person’s experiences during a session is unique, so there is not a ”right” or ”wrong” way to experience Holotropic Breathwork.


Kajsa Söderlund from Solna, Sweden, is a certified facilitator through Grof Transpersonal Training since 2001 and have about 20 years experience in Holotropic Breathwork. Kajsa senses a deep love and respect for Holotropic Breathwork and its unique ability to bring deep inner healing.

Kajsa has also studied psychology and sociology at college in Seattle, USA. Together with her partner PopTop Rising, Kajsa holds lectures in alternative ways of healing oneself with use of herbs, supplements, and so called super foods etc.

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