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Workshop #2 Integration (4h)

Integration has become a main subject of discussion in the psychedelic community. And while its importance is widely acknowledged, there are a lot of different interpretations of what integration is, what are its objectives and the scope of it. Different integration resources have appeared during the last year, as well as a wide variety of people offering integration services.
In this workshop we will have an in-depth view of what integration is, and its different approaches. We will present data from the ICERRS Integration and Support service, and we will have practical exercices to convey the most important foundations of integration work.The contents of this workshop include:

  1.  Definitions of integration
  2.  Classic integration approaches
  3.  Emergency integration interventions
  4.  Psychotherapeutic needs in integration sessions
  5.  Integration vs. Psychotherapy
  6.  Case Studies of real integration sessions
  7.  Experiential dynamics around integration


Marc Aixalà is an engineer and psychologist. Member of the GTT (Grof Transpersonal Training) staff. Postgraduate studies in Integrative Psychotherapy.

He is an aikidoka (Aikido practitioner). He is academically formed in the therapeutic use of the non-ordinary states of consciousness. He has also trained and coordinated psychological emergency assistance teams in multitudinous festive events (Kosmicare – Portugal). He facilitates Holotropic Breathwork workshops in Barcelona and Switzerland. He works as a psychologist in Barcelona.

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