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Ketamine, altered states, and psychiatry

Elias Dakwar, MD, psychiatrist and faculty member at Columbia University

Lørdag den 16. september • 17:00 – 17:30

Elias Dakwar, MD, a psychiatrist and faculty member at Columbia University who has spearheaded NIH-funded research into ketamine-assisted treatment for substance use disorders, will provide his perspective on how non-ordinary experiences might be beneficial for addressing psychiatric disorders and for improving general quality of life, drawing from his research with meditation and ketamine infusions

“The role of non-ordinary experiences in psychotherapeutic contexts is becoming more accepted by mainstream psychiatry. Mindfulness training, other meditation practices, ketamine infusions, and even psilocybin are enjoying greater legitimacy, and efforts are underway to better understand their effectiveness for a variety of conditions, as well as how they might be integrated into standard clinical care. ”

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