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Workshop #1 TripSitting (4h)

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Workshop #1 TripSitting (4h)
Facilitator: Marc Aixalá
Time: 10 AM – 2 PM
Accompanying people in non ordinary states of consciousness is a work that combines elements of art and science, and that is best learnt by experience and as a craft work. While some principles are comon, different contexts require different approaches to “sitting”. In this workshop we will cover:
1)About Sitters and Sitting: guides, shamans, sitters, facilitators?
2)Principles of intervention
3)Qualities of sitters/guides
4)Sitting according to context: Self-exploration, therapeutic setting, individual and group sessions…
5)Emergency sitting interventions: the work at Kosmicare and challenging experiences with psychedelics and holotropic breathwork.
There will be interactive and role-playing exercices, and open forum spaces to share experiences and knowledge.