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Huicholes: The Last Peyote Guardians

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An urgent story about the Wixarika People, one of the last living Pre-Hispanic cultures in Latin America, and their struggle with the Mexican government and transnational mining companies to preserve Wirikuta, their most sacred territory and the land where the peyote grows, the traditional medicine that keeps the knowledge of this iconic culture of Mexico alive.

We enter the Wixárika world accompanying the Ramírez family, a traditional clan of the Sierra Madre, as they perform the ancient pilgrimage to Wirikuta, a ceremony held every year to honor their spiritual tradition. But this time something is different. The “Heart of the World”, where everything is sacred, is in serious danger.

An uneven and controversial fight ensues, which stimulates the complex global debate between ancestral cultural values , the exploitation of nature and the inevitable development of the peoples.



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