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Harm reduction workshop

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Psykedelisk Samfund and Burnsafe invite you to an evening where you can learn more about the substances we might encounter at parties, and a workshop on how to test whether a substance actually contains what is claimed, as well as the presence of possible adulterants, using a test kit.

Most party drugs are illegal by current laws, which means that obtaining accurate and nonbiased information about them is difficult and can lead to more uninformed use and personal safety issues. Additionally, supplies being pushed underground have caused the proliferation of adulterated or fake substances. We in Psykedelisk Samfund see it as part of our mission to reduce preventable harms from use of psychedelics and other recreational substances, including sharing information on safer use of substances and enabling users to detect harmful substances, as well as helping people in drug-positive spaces to recognize and assist in instances where drug use has gone wrong.

This workshop is free to attend, but only accessible to members of Psykedelisk Samfund.

To register:

First, make sure you sign in with your active member account and register a ticket here on this page.
If you are not an active member, you can become one by signing up here,

Then, change the number of tickets in the box to 1 and go through the checkout process.

The workshop will be held in Copenhagen, and the details of the venue will be sent to the registered attendees prior to the event.

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Torsdag d. 23. februar 2023, kl. 19:00-21:00
(venue disclosed to participants)